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     The G-Sharp OF-1 guitar developed from an idea during the time its creator, Øivin Fjeld, was an educator at the Music Instrument Academy in Norway. There, he acted as the main teacher for their guitar faculty, teaching students how to build a guitar.

     Never one to be satisfied with the norm, he set out to build something unique. He built a short-scale guitar and once he tried the g# tuning, he came upon the sound he was looking for.

     The Øivin Fjeld model, or OF-1 as it’s been dubbed, is a small guitar with a scale length of 20.5" (530 mm) The neck-through guitar is made from solid mahogany with a fretboard of maple or rosewood. These features, combined with a single-coil pickup of Øivin’s design, give this instrument a clean, warm tone.

     At the request of Øivin’s guitarist friends, he began a small production. What he did not expect was the great demand for them once the secret got out. The OF-1 model has been manufactured since 2005 and over 4,000 of them have made their way into the hands of happy guitarists around the world.

     Øivin’s simplistic approach to guitar design has received great responses from many well-known guitarists. Among them you will find the band A-Ha, Davey Johnstone (Elton John), Jarle Bernhoft, Johnny Winter, Roy Rogers, Tommy Emmanuel, Unni Wilhelmsen and many more.

     Then, Øivin met Norwegian-turned-American businessman, Frank Pedersen, whom he knew from his youth. Frank was amazed with the guitars the moment he saw them and a deal was soon struck.

     As of September 2014, the G-Sharp company had moved from Fredrikstad, Norway to its new home in Pleasanton, Kansas USA. Frank and his son, Alex, are very excited to take the reins of the company and to make these guitars more accessible to both the American market and the rest of the world.

     As G-Sharp’s new owners, we will work hard to keep the same high standard of quality and sense of pride the company is known for and to grow with new guitars and other products to come.


Born in Fredrikstad, Norway 1951

Fjeld sm

     Øivin Fjeld have been a mainstay in the Norwegian music scene since the late ’60s. He became the one to lean on to when technical problems arose, and his list of clients would eventually include many of the central figures within the Norwegian music scene, almost like a list of who’s who.

     Øivin has had a lifetime of working with guitars, electric as well as acoustic, as well as tube driven amplifiers, and analog electronics in general.

     Øivin is a guitarist in his own right as well, and has shared many a stage with fellow musicians in Norway for many years.

     He is usually found in his own workshop where he is the go to guy for guitar set-up and repair.