Richard Fortus, of Guns N Roses and The Dead Daisies, tries out a G-Sharp prototype baritone with Lollar goldfoil pickups.

Val Ventro plays 'Dani California' on a G-Sharp OF-1 Guitar and a G-Sharp OF-1 Bass. Played on a G-Sharp custom 1x12 combo cab for Orange Dark Terror.

Val Ventro Demoing our OF-1 & OF-1B to Come together by The Beatles.Played through Orange Micro Terror head W/G-Sharp Guitars combo cab. Custom build for the Micro Terror.  
Broken Arrow Blues Band shows us the sound of the new G-Sharp OF-1 Bass prototype. Featuring James Cloyd, Jr. on the bass tuned to G, Val Ventro on his OF-1 also tuned to G, and Shadowhawk Ellis on the drums.


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