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Richard Fortus Tests Prototypes

We can't say how excited we are to be building a baritone for Richard Fortus of Guns N Roses! Here he is playing one of our prototypes.

In memory of Prince

Rest in peace, Prince.

'Both Sides Now'

A lovely rendition of 'Both Sides Now,' originally by Joni Mitchell, performed here by Unni Wilhelmsen, playing an OF-1, and Eva Weel Skram.

Ken Hensley of Uriah Heep with his OF-1

Eugenio Martinez rocks his 'Rebel Spirit' OF-1

Eugenio Martinez is at it again! This time, rocking his custom-painted 'Rebel Spirit' OF-1!

'Dani California' on an OF-1 and OF-1 Bass

Check out our new OF-1 Bass in action with its brother, an original OF-1!

Billy Watman plays 'The Pretender' on his OF-1 and OFC-1

Billy Watman Music does such a spectacular job in this video!

'Come Together' by The Beatles on an OF-1 and OF-1 Bass

We wanted to showcase our OF-1B bass, since Val is a huge Beatles fan we went with this iconic bass line.We are really proud of this little bass with it's huge deep tone and amazing playing ability.Played with our Monterey Hendrix tribute OF-1 and our custom built Micro Dark combo cab.

Allen Stone Demo's the OF-1

We're so excited to announce the newest addition to the G-Sharp family, Allen Stone!

Broken Arrow Blues Band - Sugaree

The Broken Arrow Blues Band plays "Sugaree" on their OF-1 guitar and bass!Broken Arrow Blues Band - Sugaree