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Mick Fleetwood and his OF-1

Watch this video of Mick Fleetwood playing on his G-Sharp OF-1!

Mick Fleetwood on his G-Sharp OF-1

Richard Fortus with His Signature Baritone

Here's a shot of Richard Fortus of Guns N' Roses playing his G-Sharp RF Signature Baritone on stage!

Richard Fortus Signature Baritone

Duke Mason with his OF-1

Check out this photo of the Duke Mason Band, featuring duke himself with his G-Sharp OF-1!

Bryan Ewald Demo's the OF-1 Part 2

From his instagram: "Track 2 from the G-Sharp OF-1 travel guitar demo. This time in standard tuning. Some Caroline Guitar Company Haymaker and Barber Electronics Direct Drive for good measure. But featuring the Earthquaker Devices' Bit Commander on synth bass and solo on the out. Big sounds from a small guitar."

Bryan Ewald Part 2

Bryan Ewald demo's the OF-1

Check out Bryan Ewald with his G-Sharp OF-1!

"It may be small, but it's a serious instrument and sounds wonderful. The OF-1 from G-Sharp Guitars. I saw Bernhoft make proper use of one of these at a show, so it was more than worth checking out. This particular track, the first of two, had a little help from a Haymaker from Caroline Guitar Company, a Barber Electronics and B-Custom Tone Press, a Boss OC-3 (for the "bass") and a Furious Slides Titanium slide."

Find out more about Bryan at his website:

Bryan Ewald with his G-Sharp OF-1

'Frankenstein' Cover

Check out Val Ventro playing 'Frankenstein' by Edgar Winter on four different guitars! Featuring the Stallion ST, the G-Sharp OF-1, and a G-Sharp Richard Fortus Signature Baritone prototype.

Val Ventro - 'Frankenstein'

Presenting the G-Sharp Frankencaster OZ-2!

Val Ventro demo's the new G-Sharp Frankencaster OZ-2!

You can find this guitar on our Reverb page:

G-Sharp Frankencaster OZ-2

Jan Laurenz - 'Big Blue Sky' Improvisation

Jan Laurenz creates another beautiful piece on his G-Sharp OF-1!

Jan Laurenz - 'Big Blue sky'

Lars HÃ¥vard Haugen with his G-Sharp OF-1

Lars Håvard Haugen from one of Norway's absolute top notch groups, the Hellbillies.

Lars Håvard Haugen with his OF-1

Davey Johnstone

Davey Johnstone of the Elton John Band shares his praise on the G-Sharp OF-1!

Davey Johnstone